LDBEN is a network of senior business people and entrepreneurs, determined to keep Britain open for business.
  • Support the Liberal Democrats: financially, practically and by promoting business-friendly policies
  • Access insider briefings on political developments and their impacts on business
  • Attend networking events with senior politicians, policy-makers and commentators
  • Meet like-minded businesspeople and entrepreneurs who share your values

The Natural Party for Business

The Liberal Democrats value business. We understand that, without successful businesses, we have no wealth-creation, innovation, creativity, tax revenues, skills or international standing.

Now is the time set policies that deliver strong economic growth and jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic created an economic shock of enormous magnitude. Our recovery coincides with damaging global trade disputes and the re-definition of all UK trade relationships, post-Brexit. 

We work to keep the UK as close to our nearest trading partners as possible, while providing certainty for businesses to plan for the future. 

Given our pragmatic approach, the Lib Dems are “the natural party for business”. Join us.

LDBEN Roundtable with Willie Rennie, Leader of Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • November 11, 2020
  • 6:00 - 7:00pm
  • Online forum - by invitation