LDBEN is a network of senior business people and entrepreneurs, determined to do everything they can to keep Britain open for business.

We believe that enterprise is the driver of change. Entrepreneurial and business culture is innovative, meritocratic, disruptive, global and committed to progress. These are values that the UK will need to thrive in the 21st century and that the Lib Dems will promote in government. In coalition, a government which now looks like a model of stability, the Party was responsible for introducing over two million apprenticeships and reducing business regulation.

The Lib Dems foresaw the banking crisis, so the Party speaks with authority on managing the economy, reskilling the workforce and responding to the challenges of technology, climate change and finance.

In light of Lib Dem commitment to enterprise, Conservative support for Brexit and Labour Party hostility to the private sector, the Liberal Democrats seem today to be the natural and only political home for business.

What we do

LDBEN exists to help the Lib Dems become the Government of this country. We do this by ensuring that the Party gives business a voice in politics. We provide the Lib Dems with expert advice on business and economic policy. We make the case for the Party to the business community, as the only pro-business, anti-Brexit party in Britain today.

What you can expect

  • Regular events and roundtables with senior politicians, business people and commentators including Ed Davey MP, Sarah Olney MP, Mark Pack, Lord Finkelstein, Miranda Green of the FT,  Gina Miller and Carolyn Fairbairn of the CBI to name a few.
  • Private briefings and the inside track on political developments as they impact on the business community.
  • Opportunities to discuss and debate strategy and policy with Party’s leaders and senior staff.
  • Regular networking opportunities with like-minded business people and entrepreneurs.

What our members say

“As a liberal, and an avid supporter of the country’s entrepreneurs, I am passionate for Britain to remain open, tolerant and pro-business.”

Andrew Dixon Founder, ARC InterCapital Founder, LDBEN

“Our future lies with Europe. Only the Liberal Democrats seem to understand that.”

Dinesh Dhamija MEP, Founder, ebookers.com Founder Member LDBEN