Letter: Lib Dems are now the natural party of business

This letter appeared in the FT 10th December 2019

Your editorial “Britain’s fateful election a offers no good choices” (December 6) rightly concludes that both main parties have abandoned the centre ground and neglected the business community. This has opened up an opportunity for the Liberal Democrats, who now have a strong claim to be the natural party of business. The Lib Dem campaign may not have been perfect. They have, however, ploughed a lonely furrow in being the only party truly reflecting the interests and importance of the business community to a successful inclusive economy. They have also been clear and honest about the damage, economically and reputationally, being caused to our country by Brexit and the significant uncertainties and dangers that remain, including the not insignificant risk that we could again be facing a no-deal Brexit at the end of 2020.

The party has engaged with businesses and put forward a credible manifesto that addresses the major issues identified by business groups, such as reforming business rates, investing in infrastructure and ensuring that companies have access to skilled labour. As concluded by the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies, Lib Dem plans to stay in the EU would see the highest gross domestic product growth and unlike the other parties would reduce the national debt.

Sir Michael Rake
Former President, CBI