Lib Dem Business & Economy Council assessment of Brexit deal

Over the Christmas holidays, the Lib Dem Business & Economy Council, which comprises LDBEN members alongside other business experts and economists conducted an analysis of the draft Brexit deal to support the Lib Dem Party deliberations on the deal in Parliament.

Ed Davey and the other Lib Dem MPs, in part based on this analysis, voted no on 30th December. The No vote put on record the party’s opposition to the content of the deal.

Writing for The New European, Ed Davey explains:

“Liberal Democrats are a proud pro-European party, who fought Brexit hard. But given the UK has already left the EU, we have been careful not to replay the three year battle of the referendum through to last year’s election, as we considered this deal.

Instead, we asked our own panel of expert business people and economists to pour over this deal over Christmas, to try to assess whether it is a sensible basis for Britain’s future relationship with the European Union.

Their conclusion is damning.

New non-tariff barriers will be at the heart of Britain’s new trading relationship with Europe. New forms. New certifications. New checks. At least 23 new committees will form part of a new trade bureaucracy. And an estimated 50,000 customs officials. With 400 million new forms.”

Read Ed Davey’s full OpEd in The New European here.