Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs urge Government secure strong deal with EU

Today, LDBEN and the Lib Dem’s Business Task Force, supported by a broader coalition of businesses, led an initiative to urge the Government to pursue close trade alignment with the EU hit the front pages. The FT covered our letter on their UK digital home page.

“Juergen Maier, former CEO of Siemens UK commented “This call for needing a close relationship and deal with the EU comes at a critical moment of a transition extension being ruled out and business focused on recovering from Covid. This is not a call to reopen old divisions about remaining or leaving. What we now need is a common sense approach to our relationship with the EU. The Government must now deliver for us all, and on their promise to get a good deal, not a bad deal and definitely not a no deal””

You can read the full article in the Financial Times:

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