Lib Dem Policies for Business

Six Core Pledges

1. Keep Britain open to the the EU as our closest trading partner

2. Replace business rates with a Commercial Landowner Levy to create a fairer business tax regime for the digital age

3. Invest £130 billion in Infrastructure to upgrade our transport and energy industries

4. Take a new lifelong approach to skills with re-skilling grants for every adult of £10,000

5. Enable tougher competition and economic regulators, with opposition to renationalisation

6. Develop industrial and regional prosperity strategies, building on existing strategies but with a much greater and more urgent focus on new climate industries and technologies.


Lib Dems are now the natural party for business.  

We are the only party that seems to understand that successful businesses are fundamental to a successful Britain because they bring with them wealth-creation, jobs, innovation, creativity, tax revenues, training, aspiration, exports, international standing etc.  

We proved our commitment to business in coalition: investing in core infrastructure through the world’s first Green investment Bank; creating two million apprenticeships; and raising tax thresholds. This was all in our manifesto, not the Tory manifesto.  

We stood up for Business by working to stop Brexit: the single biggest anti-business policy ever.  Now we will work to keep the UK close to our nearest trading partners, post-Brexit.  

We will campaign for business rates to be scrapped and end the off-shoring of profits to ensure we all pay our way. We will campaign for Britain to succeed in the 21st Century by prioritising green and capital investment.

It’s time for business to stand up and be counted. 

Read our full plan for business here: click here >