Lib Dem Policies for Business

Five Core Pledges

  • Back business as fundamental to creating the wealth Britain needs for a fairer society
  • Stop Brexit and keep Britain trading freely, with access to skills and labour 
  • Scrap business rates to protect our high streets
  • Invest in infrastructure: billions for housing, transport and broadband 
  • Make the tech giants and other corporations pay their fair share of tax in the UK  

Lib Dems are now the natural party for business.  

We are the only party that seems to understand that successful businesses are fundamental to a successful Britain because they bring with them wealth-creation, jobs, innovation, creativity, tax revenues, training, aspiration, exports, international standing etc.  

We proved our commitment to business in coalition investing in core infrastructure through the world’s first Green investment Bank, creating 2 million apprenticeships, and raising tax thresholds – all in our manifesto not the Tory manifesto.  

Now we are standing up for Business by working to stop Brexit – the single biggest anti-business policy ever.  Instead, we will keep Britain trading freely with access to skills and labour.  

We will scrap business rates and end the off-shoring of profits to ensure we all pay our way. And by prioritising green and capital investment we will preparing Britain to succeed in the 21st Century.

And we will not under any circumstances support a Corbyn-led Government, which would cripple our economy.

Business traditionally likes to stay out of politics but that is a luxury business people can no longer afford.  Only the Lib Dems are listening to business. Only the Lib Dems have consistently offered a way forward out of this mess by giving the people a final say on Brexit. Only the Lib Dems can offer a serious alternative Government, which would benefit business.

It’s time for business to stand up and be counted. 

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